HashPakistan needs an admin panel

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Well, my initial estimates were wrong. I thought I could retweet the posts and Twitter would give me accurate results. The problem is with twitter results. They are giving me wrong and irrelevant results. Also, when I ask Twitter to only send me "positive" tweets, it sometimes does not mark most of the positive tweets as "positive", in fact they are not marked at all. So there are the "positive" tweets, "negative" tweets, "questions" and "unknown" (or "unrated") tweets. A quick look at these tweets and I can see many of them as good ones that should have been retweeted but they were not. To get over this situation, I need to have an admin panel where I can see statistics and possibly "approve" the negative / unrated tweets. Having…
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Twitter Search gone mad!

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Yes, I know what I just said that ... its true because my new project HashPakistan is using Twitter Search API to get all posts with hashtag #Pakistan and last night twitter gave it results containing #ashes (and has nothing to do with Pakistan). I noticed it today and removed those updates from the twitter timeline. Hopefully it does not happen again. P.S. There are no official words on the Twitter Blog regarding this
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$1.99 Domain Names from GoDaddy

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Yes, its true. GoDaddy is now selling domain names for just $1.99 ($2.19 after adding 20 cent ICANN fee). All you need to do is use the coupon 199BUYCOM before checkout. You dont need to buy additional services to avail this offer. This offer has the following limitations Only valid for one new domain name or domain name transfer per account Valid for 7,500 orders or 07-July-2009, whichever comes first. Enjoy! Updates: Working as of 05th July 2009. I just registered a domain name using this coupon.
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How to Install Apache, PHP and MySQL on CentOS

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I have seen people installing Apache, PHP and MySQL from source code on a production server. You should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER install these packages from source on an RPM or DEB based Linux distributions. Did I say “NEVER” enough times to make your realize that it is not a good practice? Installing from source is bad idea; there are many reasons for this but the major one is that you will be spending a lot of time keeping the system updated. If you love installing from source then I would suggest using a different distribution e.g. Gentoo. You can build from source if the package is not available in yum but still, try to use “yum” (or “apt-get” on Ubuntu) because it will save a lot of your time when…
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How to Install Webmin on CentOS

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Install dependencies before we proceed to install webmin [code][root@testbed ~]# yum -y install perl-Net-SSLeay[/code] Download latest rpm package from Webmin's official website [code][root@testbed ~]# http://www.webmin.com/download/rpm/webmin-current.rpm -O /tmp/webmin.rpm[/code] Once it is downloaded, install the RPM using the following command [code][root@testbed ~]# rpm -i /tmp/webmin.rpm[/code] No more steps required. Its installed :) Go to your browser and access the control panel with valid ssh credentials. Default URL is https://your-ip:10000/ (IF you have not changed the default port)
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