HashPakistan needs an admin panel

Well, my initial estimates were wrong. I thought I could retweet the posts and Twitter would give me accurate results. The problem is with twitter results. They are giving me wrong and irrelevant results.

Also, when I ask Twitter to only send me “positive” tweets, it sometimes does not mark most of the positive tweets as “positive”, in fact they are not marked at all. So there are the “positive” tweets, “negative” tweets, “questions” and “unknown” (or “unrated”) tweets. A quick look at these tweets and I can see many of them as good ones that should have been retweeted but they were not.

To get over this situation, I need to have an admin panel where I can see statistics and possibly “approve” the negative / unrated tweets.

Having previous experience working in Zend Framework, CakePHP and CodeIgniter, I would prefer to build it in Code Igniter. I will keep this page updated with more info.

One thought on “HashPakistan needs an admin panel

  • Zeeshan Rasool

    Hi brotther, im zeeshan rasool rasool and im a codeigniter developer working in lahore.

    I just require some information from you that i want to build a blog type website like asim.pk in whcih i may include all things related to web programming.

    Can you clear me that Do this work well in codeigniter?

    Also, if i want to learn Zend or cake PHP which is best or more required framework if we see in pakistan?

    very thanks again.

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