PhotonVPS / YardVPS Misleading Marketing Gimmick

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We see misleading marketing gimmicks everyday when we visit the superstore where false advertisement and sel-proclaimed-number-one is common but if thats coming from a reputable (so-called) company, its somewhat a underwhelming gesture. PhotonVPS posted this advertisement on WHT [caption id="attachment_1349" align="aligncenter" width="584"] PhotonVPS / YardVPS Advertisement on[/caption] It seemed nice and I wanted to post this offer on Low End Box, being a writer there but when I tested out the code, it turned out to be another marketing gimmick. I am beginning to think that the mostly negative reviews on Low End Box's past PhotonVPS / YardVPS offers may be right. [caption id="attachment_1350" align="aligncenter" width="1011"] PhotonVPS / YardVPS Marketing Gimmick[/caption]
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$1.99 Domain Names from GoDaddy

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Yes, its true. GoDaddy is now selling domain names for just $1.99 ($2.19 after adding 20 cent ICANN fee). All you need to do is use the coupon 199BUYCOM before checkout. You dont need to buy additional services to avail this offer. This offer has the following limitations Only valid for one new domain name or domain name transfer per account Valid for 7,500 orders or 07-July-2009, whichever comes first. Enjoy! Updates: Working as of 05th July 2009. I just registered a domain name using this coupon.
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