CodeIgniter or CakePHP? can’t decide

Can’t decide between CodeIgniter or CakePHP for my personal project. CodeIgniter is faster in terms of performance but development is slow, CakePHP‘s cake-bake makes development faster but its performance is not good. My problem is that I need both. I want it at best performance since I will be handling millions even billions of domain records AND I cannot spend more time developing my own system.

Any ideas?

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  • Tough question. If you're going to handle billions of records AND you need a framework, I wouldn't suggest going for Cake on this. Maybe CodeIgniter. Some people area saying Yii is fast and full of features. Maybe you should take a look at this.

  • Andy

    Codeigniter is fairly quick and flexible. I struggled with Cake as it was rigid but up and running in hours with Codeigniter.

  • Torsten

    CakePHP may be slower, but this is mainly owed to the html and form helper. If you want to speed Cake up, write your own helpers, no big deal. Codeigniter is only fast because it leaves out a lot of necessary modules which are automatically included in Cake. Once you use the security module in CI, you'll notice a decline in speed, too. But since you plan to take over the world (or: at least all of the gazillion domains out there), you should not leave out security until your goal has been reached. On this road, CakePHP will be the right chioce.

    • Thank you all for your comments, It will definately help me.

      Thank you Torsten for this nice piece of advice.

      Pierre MARTIN, Thank you for your time and for the advice. I am still not started yet (mainly because of time) but I will definately test both apps again with your recommendations.

  • I don't think you're going to show billions of domains on the screen, are you?

    Both CakePHP and CodeIgniter send queries to the database, and the DB processes the requests, not the FW. The framework gets the results and show it. I don't think it'll matter if it's 1 row or a billion.

    You should worry more about your DB.

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