Waqar Zaka from ‘Living on the EDGE’ is SICK

I never knew about Waqar Zaka until I saw a few videos from a friend's wall on Facebook. I didn't knew he was the singer in the song "Nahi parha main ne poora saal". The thing is, he SUCK very bad, he has attitude problem and I personally think he is retarded. Must be some bad accident in the past when he fell off his bike or when he was visiting Afghanistan after the video in 1995. It is very shameful to see these kind of persons as VJs on a Pakistani based TV channel (THE MUSIK) and the people who are FANS of him? and the people who want to go to his show and get Humiliated and FUC*ED on-air with his sick attitude? I will classify these people/fans…
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Microsoft Vista – Resource Hog

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Most of you already know that Microsoft Vista is a resource hog in terms of disk-space-consuption and memory (RAM) but this is ridiculous. Today I got an alert in Microsoft Vista that my 20G partition is running out of space and has nearly 300MB left in it. I have all my programs installed in a seperate partition AND all my documents / desktop is also in another partition. It was really surprizing for me. I ran Disk Cleanup and it revealed there 2GB can be freed from primary partition where Vista is installed. Here are the screen-shots. It really is a resource hog, but even then I love working in Vista :)
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Monitors Subversion repositories for new commits

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As the website says Monitors Subversion repositories for new commits and shows a notification to the user when that happens. Download Commit Monitor @ Google Code. It is a great tool that helps me monitor when a new commit has been made to SVN by a developer working on the same project as I am :), cool na? P.S. Its a Windows tool
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Wateen sending stupid letters!!

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Wateen has been sending some really stupid mails (yes, letters via normal mail). See the one attached that I received today in the afternoon, it was dispatched on 23rd Jan 2009. Click on it for larger preview I am a subscriber of Wateen WiMax since 24th Dec 2007, apart from the three months tenure (Aug-Nov 2008) when there were no coverage, I have been its active user. After receiving and reading through the letter that is dated 21st Jan 2009 and dispatched on 23rd Jan 2009, I am pretty sure that the people at Wateen do not know how to operate things especially their billing, marketing and support departments.
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