PTV’s Shaista Zaid delivers last bulletin after 43 years

Eversince I was a child, I can recall her face in the evenings when there was just PTV and later STN. I am sure a generation can recall her face seeing on PTV English Bulletin @ 7pm everyday

A little bio of Shaista Zaid, the legend

There were people on twitter recalling her and expressing sorrow on her retirement news

So sad that Shaista Zaid is retiring. She is the face that launched a thousand Kashmir reports, Eid moons and coups. End of an era. #PTV
Ali Dayan Hasan
Respect for the refined lady. A true inspiration. ' Shaista Zaid last bulletin on PTV news 1969-2012'
Rida Imran
A national icon, and beacon for generations to come - I'm lucky to have anchored the news with Shaista Zaid - #ptv
Wes Malik
If you don't know who is Shaista Zaid .. Then dude, you are too young for twitter 🙂
Saad Khan
It was an honor to watch Shaista Zaid's last bulletin. Her grace and elegance unmatched for those 43 years when she remained on-air.
Mansoor Ali Khan
A long and satisfying career at PTV. Well-earned retirement. Good luck. RT @: Shaista Zaid. End of an era.

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