PTCL EVO device with Tenda Portable 3G wireless router with battery (3G150B)

As promised, I previously reviewed the 3G150M model (without battery) and this time I am going to review the 3G150B (with battery model)

Tenda Portable 3G wireless router 3G150B
Tenda Portable 3G wireless router 3G150B

Although the battery model is more attractive and more widely used (Im using 3G150B more as compared to 3G150M) it control panel interface is fairly basic which is a set back for me and im sure for most other users as well. But still, its the best out there

There was also an advertisement in Spider magazine for the month of April 2012 as can be seen in the following photo

Spider Advertisement of Tenda Portable 3G wireless router 3G150B in April 2012
Spider Advertisement of Tenda Portable 3G wireless router 3G150B in April 2012

This Tenda device cost approx Rs. 4200 in the market and its model is 3G150B. The only difference from 3G150M is that it has battery to give backup of approx 5 hours. I configured it using the same PTCL EVO configuration settings for 3G routers.

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  • zardari

    yar tanda ko lan kay sath kasay use kar saktay hay evo lagany ka bad jab may home pc kay sath use karta hon tu lan kay zariya conact nahi hota kindly tell me how i can use tenda with my home pc and my laptop

    • Mr. Zardari (obviously a fake name)!!

      Tenda is a Portable WiFi router hence after pluggin in EVDO, you need to have WIFI enabled in your laptop and Home PC to be able to use it. If you do not have WIFI in your Home PC, you can buy a WIFI USB Dongle or WIFI USB Card to enable WIFI.

  • Zeeshan Haider

    dear asim .. i need to know how to configure tenda 3G 150 B with ptcl evo device .. kindly help me with pictures if possyable … tanx … Zeeshan Haider

  • Salaam Asim,

    I have a request, can you please suggest me a wifi router for PTCL Evo device (I am moving back to Pakistan after 3 years). My brother is Post Graduate Doctor Trainee so he gets 3.1 Evo from PTCL for Rs. 1000/month but he is not techie.. at all, therefore need your guidance.

    Request: I want to use PTCL EVO as a replacement for Home broadband, meaning I need a router for EVO with good range and without limit of maximum 5 connections, I’ll appreciate if roughly 30-40 Meters radius (or around that), battery powered lasting at least 3 hours. Can you please suggest any well reputed company’s router? Maximum budget is around 6000.

    Plus if you know any reliable shop, it would be a plus.

    Many Thanks


    I have heard that the battery drains very fast with time and can turn useless in a month of continous use? plz share your experience on this.
    is the battery also available separately,how much is the cost.
    what other 3g battery powered routers are available in the market?
    i have read that the evo nitro clound gives a backup of 10 hours , does someone what brand is it ?

  • Ghulam Ahmed

    i bought 3G150B, charged it, plug in to my laptop via network cable, connect my EVO 3G Nitro SUB Modem in it, but as mentioned in its quick guide pages, when opened Internet connections from system tray, there was nothing mentioned Tenda as shown in there guide? how i configure it ? and please how i connect my mobile as Wifi device using it?
    thanks and regards.

  • Moazzam Ali Khan

    Dear Asim Zeeshan

    Thank you very much for your dedication on replying to consumer inquiries and presenting solution.

    I am facing a problem, then my laptop wifi says DNS server is not responding error and not connected Tenda 150B, but when i connect the PTCL evo Dongle, it connects the internet. Before the Tenda was working fine.

    how to solve this problem, quite a headache?


  • Hamid

    Dear Mr. Asim,

    I just need to know one thing. My house is on 500 sq.Yard. I am planning to buy PTCL Evo 9.3 usb device and Tenda 3g-150b or 150m router. Kindly tell me will this router cover my 500sq. yard area or not ???

    • Depends on how many walls are in between, how thick are they etc etc. The best results are if the router and your device are in the line-of-sight. The distances mentioned on most devices are there assuming your router and device will be in line-of-sight.

      I have found out that if the signal has to cross floor (first floor to ground floor etc) then the signals are reduced by 40% to 50%, a wall on the other hand only reduces signals by 20% approx

  • Haseeb Zahoor

    Dear Asim I bought tenda just last month and started using it just 2 days ago … Battery timings are extremely less compared to what’s written on manual just about 1 hr… Is it case specific problem or a general one?

  • feras

    Sir i want to know
    1. if these 3G portable battery routers from tenda,tp link are compatible with ptcl wingle.

    2.also plz tell can the ptcl wingle be powered on by connecting to portable power banks that are used to charge mobiles,tablets etc.
    3.which portable 3G router available in pakistan has longest battery timings?people say tp link 3040 is better then tenda.plz share your experience.

  • Basel


    I want to know that, is it possible to use skype or any other video calling software using WIFI smoothly on tablet, cell phone etc?

  • Husnain

    can i use evo usb and lan cable both at the smae time?
    means i have to use lan network on some devices and evo network on some devices.
    it is possible to connect both networks with tenda 3g150b and will it give two wifi networks or not?

  • Yasser

    salam, i am purchasing Tenda 150Mbps Portable Battery Powered 3G wireless Router 3G150B , will it be compatible with Evo Nitro 9.3mb? because i purchased some other Itek 3g wifi router from online store but it was not compatible with Nitro.

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