NordicVPS down the drain?

Update (April 25, 2011): Added two slideshares at the end of the blog post to show the initial notice that I received and the followup almost supportless support ticket Fail Well it may be shocking for some but its true. is down the drain for most. I believe it all started when they introduced BuyVMish (as Francisco calls it) $15/year package in Oct, 2010 (apparently many did and no one can kick it off as smooth as BuyVM did).

We may be required to reformat the server and install fresh OS and system files. (Faster solution than sit and try rebuild the disks)
It will require that we create new VPS’s for you as well and you will get new IPs!!

Please do not submit tickets demanding that you require a certain IP!
Please do not submit tickets demanding we recover your data!
Do also not flood forums and sites with complaints, it will not lead to the better but only worse.

Sean/ Nordic VPS

Quotes one customer who received their this email when the 128MB nodes were down and they reformatted the entire server. The hilarious part is when they gave the following statement to all effected customers via email

Do also not flood forums and sites with complaints, it will not lead to the better but only worse.

I have nothing more to say here. I hope the host recovers from the bad support and the effed up nodes.

The original email that I received stating that San Jose node will be terminating soon

And this is a support ticket where no one bothered to reply me (like they did with everyone else)

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  • Hi Asim,

    There is much to how we work that makes our plans profitable and still perform pretty good 🙂 We know there is still some quirks here/there on some of our nodes since the sales round but we're working hard on all of them 🙂

    The prices we brought out are able to compete with and still be very profitable. There currently is a mad rush to try to 'win the $7/m market' but that's going to bite a lot of companies when IP pricing, amongst other things, goes up.

    To date we've seen:

    – Akisoft simply close shop (had a $15/y plan)

    – Hostrail raise prices by almost 300%. We figure this is likely because of either high cancellations or them trying to cover the cost of hardware (no one can sell 200G space for a few bucks, sorry)

    – Directspace cancel their $24/y plans as well as heavily downgrade the hardware (now they are hosted on simple dual core AMD's)

    On the topic of nordic:

    – Sean stated publically that the "BuyVM plans" are costing them a pile of cash and have been discontinued.

    – Their Germany VPS's completely tanked forcing 3+ renumbers (no data was lost I don't think?)

    – Their Chicago offerings got closed (Sean claims due to low demand, fair enough)

    – Their Fremont setup is currently down (this was the only node that was stable people said, seems down now)

    I do try my best to stay out of other peoples businesses' but I was having a really hard time chewing down the crap they were feeding their clients. I lashed out at least 2 – 3 times on them on LowEndBox telling them to smarten up.

    It's a shame that in this market people have to rely on cost as the only point to compete on. Instead of lowering our costs we just add more features to make us worth more than the amount we do every month. My whole staff & I love the LEB community and love to see ourselves posted up there. I'm happy LEA has been far more strict on people at least!


    • Thank you very much for the comment. I was on their San Jose node and I got this email stating that they are terminating the node which I am on soon. I asked to be moved to another other US node and Sean said there is no other US node.

      I asked to be moved to Germany or any other non-US node and still waiting reply. Last night I cancelled all services with them because of poor support.

      There are plenty of copy-cats out there to copy BuyVM plans but none of them can handle it as professionally as you guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Asim,

    Thank you kindly 🙂 We're not perfect but we work hard to always improve our offerings.

    Now *that* is interesting. The word going around right now is that they lost their FMT server and have been working to rebuild it, nothing has been stated that they were closing their Fremont spot.

    If you're not busy could you open a thread on lowendtalk with the email? I'm VERY interested in seeing this.



  • I've got one of the $15/year NordicVPSs in Fremont that's been down for 6 days now. I was mostly using it for testing, so it's not a big deal for me, but still…

    When they first started, their reviews seemed to be good. I can't help but think if they'd stuck to higher/mid-range prices things might have gone better for them.

    There's certainly a place for the ultra-low-end, if you can pull it off, and I've still got a BuyVM and 123Systems VPS that are fine. For more serious stuff, I really don't mind paying $5 or $10 a month, though.

  • kwatog

    I’ve been a long time client of Nordic and it’s sad that they are now going down the drain. My vps on Germany node is down for almost a day now, words came out in WHT that Nordic hasn’t pay yet. sad, really sad.

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