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Update (01-April-2011): I contacted HostDime to ask for an offer that Adam accepted some months ago AND I was going to purchase that in June this year. HostDime staff was pretty professional to go through the tickets and offer me the same (right now OR when I later come and give reference to the ticket number with HostDime …. SOLID OFFER I must say)

VPSLatch acquired by HostDime

Not an April Fool joke …

Adam (previous owner of and from whom HostDime acquired has been a pretty nice guy who took over the Cpanel-VPS industry by storm. Offering the best control panel, support at rock bottom prices. I was their customer once and even wrote a review on WebHostingTalk which Adam was even using in the VPS Offer Postings (I am happy people found my review helpful and gave Adam lot of business).

Today, I got this in my email. Although I know HostDime is not a bad host, infact they are pretty good but still, I feel sad to see Adam’s company acquired by someone else. Adam is a good person and a good friend. I hope HostDime continue to deliver the same level of service at the same amazingly low prices.

Please find below the exact email I received.

The notice below is replicated at the following location for your convenience:

Asim Zeeshan,

We are pleased to announce some exciting news., Inc. has acquired and the acquisition is scheduled to be completed on May 1, 2011. will continue to operate as a separate brand. Adam has built a wonderful company and we wish to continue the excellent work he’s begun. What does this mean for you? A lot of good things, which we will briefly explain below.

HostDime is a solid and financially strong company with close to 10 years in the business. We own and operate our own datacenters and have over 7 locations world-wide [], so you can be sure you are in good hands. We have an excellent reputation with our customers and we are committed to providing you an outstanding level of service. We will work closely with you to make sure your business continues to grow and flourish., Inc. offers you superior support from our extensively knowledgeable team of over 250 technicians. You can rest assured that we will always be able to assist you when it comes to your fully managed VPS hosting package. We will also be implementing 24×7 live chat within the coming months. We know the importance of immediate help and soon you will have that option in addition to standard support methods.

Service Changes:

What changes can you expect from this acquisition? By Friday, April 1, 2011 you will have your own login for our Core client portal []. At that time, all support assistance will be handled through Core. This exclusive client portal integrates all systems (including billing, ordering and support) into one seamless system that is under constant refinement by our development staff. Initially, only support requests will be handled through Core. When your account is first migrated, you will not be able to see or manage your billing details or packages. That information will be added to your account over the next 30 days.

For now, the server that holds your current VPS plan will remain the same. However, in the near future, we will contact you to move your VPS to a new, higher-end system which will improve performance. When this migration occurs, your existing IP address(es) and service will not change. We will also be performing these migrations without any downtime whatsoever. Currently, you manage your VPS via SolusVM and that will also remain unchanged at this time. However, you will soon see changes in Core which will integrate all of the functionality that SolusVM currently offers you, and at that time SolusVM access will be discontinued and you will manage everything through Core. This will make managing your service much faster and easier.

To log into Core, you may use your existing WHMCS login details. When logging in for the first time, you will be asked to confirm your current contact information. You will also be shown a 5-digit PIN number. This PIN will be used for customer verification. You can update this PIN at any time via Core. During the next 30 days your billing and VPS package details will be migrated to Core. If you have any questions about the above service changes, please log into Core and submit a ticket to our Support department requesting clarification.

Accounting Changes:

We are going to offer all current clients of a price lockdown, which means that there will never be any price increases for your existing service (assuming you don’t make changes to it). If you are a reseller who resells VPS through, please contact us so we can create coupon codes for you to lock down your current prices.

Once your billing information has been migrated to Core, there will be a few important changes that you need to be made aware of. First, any payments normally due in April will be moved to May 1, 2011. At that time you will owe a pro-rated amount for your payment usually due in April. For example, if your normal payment date is April 15, and you usually owe $20.00 per month, then on May 1 you will owe $30.00, covering the pro-rated amount of April 15 – April 30 ($10.00) + $20.00 for all of May 2011. After that, your renewal date will be set to the first of the month, regardless of when you used to pay This change is being made to reconcile the differences between our accounting system and the system previously used by

Also,, Inc. offers two payment methods: credit card and PayPal. Some clients of currently pay via Moneybookers or Alert Pay. Unfortunately, we will not be able to support those payment methods. For those who pay via credit card now via, we have opened a direct merchant account for and those credit card payments will be processed through Core. You can log into Core and add a credit card for automatic billing or you can pay each month on your own. As for PayPal payments, some of you are on PayPal subscriptions. We are not able to support PayPal subscriptions at this time. However, paying manually allows you to have more control without worrying about automatic overpayment.

In order to keep your services active after May 1, 2011, we will require all current customers to log into Core and either pay the open invoice manually or set up a new automatic credit card payment. If you have any questions about the above accounting changes, please feel free to log into Core and submit a ticket to our Accounting team.

Timeline Overview:

* April 1, 2011 – You will be able to login to our Core client portal [] and all technical support will be handled via this system. All new sign ups will also go through this system.

* Between April 1, 2011 and April 30, 2011 – You will see your billing details and products added to your Core profile.

* May 1, 2011 – Finalization of the acquisition process and first monthly invoices due.

We thank you for your patience during this transition and we look forward to serving your needs., Inc. Management

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