Purchase by NetIntelligence Ltd (ThrustVPS)

So the news I missed last week is, has been Purchase by NetIntelligence Ltd (ThrustVPS). Well it was not so long ago that Jacob purchased from Adam and after nearly two months its been resold again, pretty fast I would say.

This is what they have emailed to all their customers. Personally, I dont like Rus Foster and the way he operates business, especially after the last incident where he blackmailed me for a domain name that he wanted from me.

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that GigeVPS is now part of the NetIntelligence Ltd group of companies. Jacob Wall, the old owner, will be staying around for a bit to help with a smooth transfer. We know that in any company purchase there are always a few questions that people ask which we will quickly cover below

Q: Will there be any price increases for existing customers?

A: We don’t see any need for price increases at this time

Q: What changes are you going to make?

A: We currently are planning on adding on some new feature such as remote backup space and DNS hosting as well as upgrading the hardware you are hosted on.

The new management team has over 10 years each in the hosting industry and we are very friendly and happy to hear from anyone with any questions or concerns. As such if you have a question please open a sales or support ticket and we will happily take the time to sit down and write a personal reply. We would also like to hear what you think could make this company even better.

Thanks for reading


Rus Foster

NetIntelligence Ltd


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