Good bye CentOS! Hello Ubuntu

Its been about almost more then two years since I have been playing with CentOS on many different platforms etc. Its very stable but on the other hand, PHP/MySQL updates are very hard to get and still PHP is 5.1.6. I tried EPEL repo and it updated PHP to 5.3.1 but still there were conflicts with stuff and many core packages.

So, I thought why not move to Ubuntu since it has just announced 10.04LTS (Long Term Support) in April 2010. Folks at iWeb were really nice to do a reinstall without any charges and also process a memory upgrade request at an amazing 50% discount.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

  • Apache 2 version is 2.2.14
  • PHP version is 5.3.2
  • MySQL version is 5.1.41-3ubuntu12
  • SVN (Subversion) version is 1.6.6

As a comparison CentOS 5.4 has the following versions

  • Apache 2 version is 2.2.3
  • PHP version is 5.1.6
  • MySQL version is 5.0.77
  • SVN (Subversion) version is 1.4.2

So if you are a PHP developer looking to deploy a Linux flavour on your new box, choose Ubuntu 🙂

6 thoughts on “Good bye CentOS! Hello Ubuntu

  • shawn

    Well, centos is an excellent choice for a server, meaning a non-GUI command line system. it is designed for networking given the fairly easy administration with network-scripts using mostly variables. debian is a little more difficult to administrate and is less of a pain for desktop use as far as package management goes. its more of a developers box. i pretty much groupe ubuntu with debian since ubuntu is based on debian, minus or plus a few things. centos is just a pain to install something even simple like vlc or really any program. you have to add repositories and their keys. just a headache. you just lose more time in your life but if you don’t mind that, then stick with centos for everything.

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