Warid Postpaid Issues – had to MNP my cell number

I moved from Warid to Ufone in April, I forgot to mention that. Thanks to MNP the move was smooth and easy.

Now let me tell you why I moved. First of all, there are billing issues in Postpaid. They have two SMS packages

  • Zoom Limited SMS Package offering 750 messages per month and
  • Zoom Unlimited SMS Package offering 7,500 messages per month

When you activate any of these packages (for the first time) the package is charged double. So e.g. you activate Zoom Unlimited and it costs approx Rs. 300 per month so it will be charged twice, once as ACTIVATION CHARGES and second as monthly charges (WTF!!)

Also, when you change from SMS Package A to SMS Package B, you will be charged for both the packages. (again WTF!!)

I launched a written complaint in Warid Gulberg Business Center, Lahore and asked them that I need a copy of this company policy in written on company letter head duly stamped and signed. I got a call 5-10 days after telling me that “Sir, we cannot give you these kind of information in written but we can only confirm via phone that this is infact a company policy”.

Secondly, I was experiencing signal blackouts in most of Lahore and when I called in to lodge my complaint I was informed, “Sir, call us when the blackout is there, now services are running fine since you are calling from your cell phone hence no complaint can be lodged.” Again, how can I call using my cell phone when there are no signals? Even if I use a landline, the amount of time I have to wait for someone to respond on the other end will clearly have the blackout get cleared.

Thirdly, they can turn off your services without your consent and charge you a lot. Even after complains they will not fix the issues.

Anyway, these were my reasons for moving out of Warid, the major one is the billing issue, I dont like being ripped off while im getting a low standard service. I used Warid postpaid for two years and this was enough time given to the company to fix the issues, which they clearly didn’t.

5 thoughts on “Warid Postpaid Issues – had to MNP my cell number

  • osama

    hey, facing the same kind of issues with warid and cannot bear any of their stupidness anymore.

    I wanted to ask that how did you get it converted? any problems on the refunding of the security? you had to pay the bill and get your security back? or did they adjust the bill in your security and gave you the remaining amount back?

    please let me know.
    thanks and regards,

    • Sorry to hear about your situation Osama.

      In my case I paid my bill, deposited 200 extra (depending on your post paid connection, deposit at least 7 days of daily-charges in advance). Submitted MNP request to Ufone which was entertained within 4 days time.

      Got my demand draft 40 days later from Warid. Be sure to check your NAME and spellings of your NAME on your postpaid before submitting MNP request.

    • Within Warid network? Yes but they will not pay back your postpaid-security-deposit in cash, they will pay it in prepaid balance which is insane.
      I recommend porting out to another network and getting your security back via check and then coming back in to Warid as prepaid customer. Thats the only solution but yes you will have to wait/stayout of warid for 70+ days

  • farooq Afzal

    I filed complaint against warid in consumer court regarding Mobile Number portability and I am contesting case against warid in consumer court, if any one has problem regarding Mobile number portability with Warid. You may contact with me on my cell No. 0331-4103629.

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