Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) or Can’t Deposit Machine? Weird experience

My salary account is HBL (I hate this bank) and I use Dubai Islamic Bank’s services which I am very satisfied with. So last night after work, I thought to move balance from HBL to DIB, tried the inter-bank transfer (which should be great if it is working) but invain. So I went straight to DIB Main Bulevard, Guberg branch.

I took out the cash from one ATM and tried to deposit it via DIB’s CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) into my DIB account. Either the machine was acting weird or the time-waste was inevitable. The machine deposited half my cash and reject the other half. I took a look at the other half that was rejected, the bills were clean and new. I could not find anything with the naked eye so I tried again and the machine rejected all the bills again.

Hmm, what could be wrong, I was asking myself. Then I tried again but this time with different counts, some upside down, some backwards and to my surprize all of the cash was deposited. So next time, if your CDM says Can’t deposit, try straightening the bills and submitting them again using different ways, It will hopefully work. It worked for me 😉

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