Get a FREE email address

Today, everyone wants to have a shorter email address. Why? because its small and its easy to remember. Additionally email address gives you 2GB mailbox. This is why many people want to have email address instead of but the question is how to get it?

There are a number of ways to get a email address

  1. Download MSN Explorer and signup for a new email address. I google’d a webpage that shows the whole process in screenshots, you may view it here. OR
  2. Visit this page on MSN and create your FREE email address. No downloads of any kind are required.

Note: For some users, it will show 1GB disk space. You can increase the disk space to 2GB by signing up for Hotmail Beta service. If you don’t like the new hotmail beta, doesn’t matter, switch back anytime and your disk space will still be 2GB.

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