Facebook Inappropriate ads

Last time I wrote a piece on Facebook duplicate ads but this time I am being offered to watch Free Indian movies online. I actually visited this link and it offers the content without any subscription. I am pretty sure the copyright holders of these movies would be pissed off when they hear this.
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Ubuntu 8.10, Perfect Linux distro for PHP development

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I recently felt the urge to have a development testing environment on Linux (LAMP). I tried CentOS first since it is one of the leading industry standard Linux server. I was disappointed to see that CentOS does not have a 5.2.x series of PHP that I could install via "yum" (am not a very advance user so does not wanted to build it by typing long queries in SSH just to find out that I left some core thing in the first place). I did a bit of research and found out that Ubuntu could be a better choice. Luckily I had the latest version of Ubuntu already shipped via Postal Mail (aka Snail Mail) and this time the CDs DID get through the customs. For those new to Ubuntu,…
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Get a FREE @msn.com email address

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Today, everyone wants to have a shorter email address. Why? because its small and its easy to remember. Additionally msn.com email address gives you 2GB mailbox. This is why many people want to have @msn.com email address instead of @hotmail.com but the question is how to get it? There are a number of ways to get a @msn.com email address (more…)
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