Google Shedding / Internet Shedding by PTCL

All over the world people have many methods to check IF they are online or not. Some prefer the ping to or, some check their favourite websites or the popular websites (which we all think should always be accessible). In Pakistan and especially the subcontinent 95%+ people open or rely on their Firefox browser to open it for them to say “Yes, your net is working” and most people never bother to change this default homepage.

Today, like every Friday night, I was watching HBO only since my Firefox on laptop informed me that cannot be opened (so I assumed net’s not working). Then I went on to check my emails but could not access Gmail or any other services by Google, Facebook, my blog and literally anything interested online. I checked people literally posting on twitter (since its still accessible on PTCL) that it is infact not just the issue at my end but everyone else is facing it too.

I recalled having a VPN configured and was able to connect to my VPN and actually get to post this blog-entry at the same time.

Thanks PTCL for the Google Shedding / Internet Shedding in Pakistan and thanks to my VPN, I am able to get pass it

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