A new home for my Expired Domain Harvesting Project

Update (Apr 22, 2011): Please read my post NordicVPS is down the drain? to learn more about this host before ordering with them.

EXPIREDRUS.COM is a lame name that I will be using for my Expired Domain Harvesting Experiment that I have been doing in the last many weeks. The records I have collected are totally around 5.5million using lighttpd, PHP5 and MySQL (without innodb) on a 128MB XEN PV box with just 5GB of space.

Wow, it will serve me two major purposes

  1. How to manage a small box with challenging low resources
  2. How to manage millions and millions of records in single mysql database table and replicate them to another VPS node.

I am doing all this on a low-budget but extremely powerful XEN VPS from multiple providers including QuickWeb and NordicVPS.

Note: Although, right now the domain name points no-where but I will soon point it to the vps where I am willing to host a public-portal about this.

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