The Planet Announces Cloud Hosting

The Planet just jumped in to the cloud computing announcing the launch of Server Cloud Hosting.

Cloud computing gives you more reliability, computing power with the advantage of seamless scalability in terms of resources but at the same time its pretty expensive, in my opinion.

The minimum package starts from $49 with just 60GB space and 512MB ram with 1TB bandwith (transfer). The bigger packages cost $99 and $179. All prices are per month in USD. One thing that amazes is why there is just 60GB in the core packages?

I wonder if a XEN from LINODE.COM is better then this cloud offer? LINODE has been very very stable with almost no downtime or issues. XEN512 from LINODE costs $20 per month.

Since The Planet is new, I cannot comment on their reliability but The Planet is one of the best data centers in the US so I expect it to be nothing but the BEST.

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